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Welcome to the website of author Dr Graham Clingbine! Enjoy looking through the pages and

do invite your friends and family to do the same. The books featured are available right now for

you to read and enjoy. They also make great gifts at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or at

any other time. The books have been sent to readers from countries around the world and they

are all available to order online… so don't miss out and order a book TODAY. You will not be



The books give readers a choice of genres. Let's outline them...


A Collection of Bedtime & Daytime Stories For Children – six short stories for children aged

6 – 14 (Reed Publishing)  


UFO Sightings And Alien Abductions – the enigmatic area of unknown aerial sightings,  

unexplained, paranormal and supernatural events (Reed Publishing)


Disclosure: The Future is Now – science fiction (Troubador Publishing Ltd)


Release From Stasis: The Future is Now – science fiction (Troubador Publishing Ltd)


The Network Marketing Bible – home business, network marketing and multilevel marketing (Reed Publishing)


What You Need To Know About Human Sex -  human sexual behaviour and activities (Troubador Publishing Ltd)


You can buy the books safely and easily using links from this website. The Buy Books page has clickable links which will take you directly to relevant book stores purchase and information pages. All the books are sold on Amazon and other locations in the UK, USA and other countries. In addition, those books published by Troubador Ltd are also available not only from their own online book shop but also by phone on +44 (0)116 279 2299 (Leicester UK) – they, as with Amazon, mail out books to customers around the world very quickly. Check the book store information to choose between paperback, hardcover and ebook Kindle formats, as available. Ordering your book could not be quicker or simpler!