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Welcome to the website of Dr Graham Clingbine. You are invited to take a read through the

pages and peruse all the books on offer. We hope you enjoy your visit here and pass on our

web address to your friends.


This site offers various types of books in different genres to suit the interests of most readers

and all age groups. The displayed books make great personal reading and also wonderful

gifts. We really hope you will find a book that interests you. It's simple and quick to order your

book(s) directly from links on this site.


The books featured are available to buy online. You can order your book(s) via direct links to

Amazon bookstores from this website so you can purchase with confidence. Amazon mail out

books worldwide. Click the appropriate link relevant to each book to view the details,

purchase price and delivery information from the bookstore.


If you prefer to use a purchase site other than Amazon, many of the books can also be

obtained from platforms such as Barnes & Noble and Lulu.


The books featured have been published in various formats. They are all available as

paperbacks (softcovers) and some are also in ebook format suitable for devices like Kindle readers.


Don’t forget to stop off at Dr Graham Clingbine's Book, Author & Reading Group. This Facebook group is free to view or join and has a large number of book readers and published authors among the membership. Many of the authors have best-selling books or are prize-winners. There is even a Hollywood movie celebrity among the members.


Other members of the book readers and authors group are in book-related industries: publishers, reviewers, cover designers, book promoters, proof readers, beta readers, ghost writers, book trailer producers, literary agents and so on.


Click here to view or join the group. Membership is free.