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About the Author

Dr Graham Clingbine was born in Hammersmith (London) but grew up and spent his whole

childhood in Harrow (Middlesex). He later lived in Plaistow (East London) and then moved briefly

to the village of Eye (Suffolk). Since then he has resided for many years at addresses in Ilford



Dr Clingbine has BSc and MSc degrees from the University of London (Bedford College-Regents

Park, London) in the areas of Biological Science and Neurobiology. His award of PhD followed a

research programme on the memory mechanisms of the brain undertaken at North East London

Polytechnic (later re-named the University of East London). His work led to four papers being

accepted for publication in scientific journals.*


Dr Clingbine spent a long career in education at schools and colleges** before retiring from

City & Islington College in North London from his post as Course Manager of the Medical Access

Course and also Senior Lecturer in Human Anatomy & Physiology and Biochemistry.


Dr Clingbine's expertise in teaching is in the area of biological science. He is a qualified teacher

but also worked for a short time in a pharmaceutical company looking for birth defects in the

newborn due to potential new medications before they were licensed for public use. This work in reproductive toxicology was undertaken at Life Science Research Ltd (in Essex and Suffolk).


Dr Clingbine has co-authored a number of paperback books related to model answers to Biology examination questions. His knowledge and experience gained from teaching Biology motivated him to write his book about Human Sex. The intention was to produce an easy to read enlightening new book which is informative, educative and in some places entertaining.


Among his various personal interests, Dr Clingbine has a keen interest in science fiction and extensive research knowledge in the subject area of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and related phenomena. He has previously written two books in this area, these being Disclosure-The Future is Now (ISBN:  97817846242620) and a sequel called Release From Stasis-The Future is Now (ISBN  9781784625283). Both books are published by Troubador Publishing Ltd and can be bought in paperback, hardback and ebook (Kindle download) formats.


Dr Clingbine has a number of other hobbies and personal interests including badminton and cricket. Uppermost among his activities is fishing. He is a keen angler and not only enjoys fishing the rivers, lakes and seas of his home country (the UK) but has ventured further afield to countries across Europe and to the Gulf of Mexico off Key West in Florida in the USA.


Dr Clingbine has been married twice and has two daughters.


*The British Journal of Pharmacology, Biochemistry Society Transactions and the American Journal of Physiology.

**Plashet Girls School (East Ham-London), Davies Laing & Dick (DLD) Independent Sixth Form College (Notting Hill Gate-London), The Sele School (Hertford- Hertfordshire), Bacon's School and Bacon's City Technology College (Rotherhithe-London), Hackney Community College (Hackney-London) plus some part-time human biology teaching at Redbridge College (Essex/east London).


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