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A story of strange experiences about what happens when events in the future return to affect the past.  Disclosure traces the life of Kevin Powell from the age of eight when he is living with his mum Sylvie. He undergoes a number of inexplicable experiences that his young mind cannot interpret and that he assumes are a normal part of growing up.


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Consider humankind existing in the distant future. Perhaps they are the extraterrestrials speculated to exist following anomalous sightings on planet Earth of today. Maybe it is ourselves in a different anatomical guise who are the ‘visitors’... In the distant future, planet Earth is a much-altered place in which the sun has aged and is bombarding the Earth with deadly solar particles. John Powell is the last surviving human and is battling to save mankind from extinction...


'What You Need to Know About

Human Sex' reveals a great

diversity of human sexual

activities. The subject matter is

intended to be informative,

educative and in some parts

entertaining. Many aspects of

human sexuality are still taboo

and not spoken about even in so-called

modern society. Such areas are reviewed and discussed openly and without the inclusion of personal opinion. However, the reader is challenged throughout the book to consider his/her own views relating to sex in different cultures, reveal any prejudicial thoughts about the sexual proclivities of others and to question personal sexual behaviour.


Having identified the scope of human sexual activity, the content covers controversial areas including sexual identity, sexual orientation and the influences of cultural tradition, religious dogma and ethical views on human sexual behaviour including the degree of acceptability of practices such as female genital mutilation. The legal constraints on sexual activity in different cultures are looked at and how legislation varies for example relating to the age of consent in different countries. Some of the other areas covered are health and safety (including contraception), sex education, how the body functions during sex and sexual dysfunctions. The changing role and availability of pornography in society is also reviewed.





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