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A story of strange experiences about what happens when events in the future return to affect the past. Disclosure traces the life of Kevin Powell from the age of eight when he is living with his mum Sylvie. He undergoes a number of strange experiences that his young mind cannot interpret and that he assumes are a normal part of growing up.


As a teenager, Kevin supports his mum when she falls ill and requires surgery to remove a mysterious object of unknown origin and function. Why is this device implanted in her neck? How did it get there?

In adulthood, he again has a number of realistic nightmare-like visions. He sees his wife and mum in a bizarre, unfamiliar environment. Revelations of a depopulated planet Earth are shown to him from the distant future. He is placed in a dilemma which sets his love for his daughter against the work of his father to save humankind and an uncertain future on planet Earth.


Disclosure will appeal to both science fiction fans and individuals interested in the paranormal.

Footnote: the book shown on this site is the latest version (Second Edition).


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Consider humankind existing in the distant future. Perhaps they are the extraterrestrials speculated to exist following anomalous sightings on planet Earth of today. Maybe it is ourselves in a different anatomical guise who are the 'visitors'.


In the distant future, planet Earth is a much-altered place in which the sun has aged and is bombarding the Earth with deadly solar particles. John Powell is the last surviving human and is battling to save mankind from extinction by abducting humans from the past and genetically engineering them to survive in the harsh environment. John's aim is to repopulate the Earth as part of his Great Plan for survival. "The responsibility weighed heavily on John's shoulders. He was unsure why he felt such a heavy burden. After all, there was no-one left to be accountable to."


However, an unprecedented violent solar eruption kills his experimental subjects and he has to abandon the Earth with his family and undertake a long space voyage while safely placed in stasis. When released from stasis and still onboard the spacecraft, John and his family are shocked to discover that the other occupants have formed two astral religions at war with each other, the Muons and the Pions.


John and his family attempt to utilise a portal acting as a time-travel device to return to the old Earth and start their lives afresh. Meanwhile, the spacecraft continues on its journey and lands on a habitable planet, leaving the Muons and Pions to sort out their destiny.


Will John save humankind? Does he survive the embattled Muons and Pions?


Release From Stasis is a sequel to Disclosure. However, it stands alone in its own right and it is not essential to read its predecessor first to understand and enjoy the story.  


Release From Stasis will appeal to both science fiction fans and individuals interested in the paranormal.

Footnote: the book shown on this site is the latest version (Second Edition).



Possible UFO sightings, alien abductions and other related events from pre-history until the present. This book includes background theories on the origin of life and the possibility of non-terrestrial life being found in the galaxy. It also contains interesting astronomical information and the possibility of the Earth being visited by ancient astronauts in the distant past.


This book reviews numerous case histories of UFO Sightings, alleged UFO crashes, cover-ups and also abduction cases. Unlike many other books, the cases discussed date as far back in time to cave paintings and rock art as well as biblical stories, medieval reports and paintings, strange artefacts and various texts.


Following the mystery airship sightings in the 1800s, the book updates the start of the modern UFO era with the original ‘flying saucer’ observations made by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 over the Cascade Mountains.


Many of the cases documented in this book are not widely known by the public. Readers will also find detailed accounts of the more publicised cases such as the incidents at Roswell in New Mexico, The Rendlesham Forest case in the UK and sightings such as the Phoenix Lights.


Numerous claims of alleged ‘contactees’ like George Adamski and ‘abductees’ like Betty and Barney Hill are described. There are also accounts of governmental initiatives like Project Blue Book (Grudge and Sign), the role of USA Presidents in ‘Ufology’, black op’s, conspiracy theories, military bases such as Area 51, men in black and much more.


This book is a ‘’must read’’ for both beginners AND those who already have knowledge of the subject matter, as well as UFO organisations and paranormal groups.


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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HUMAN SEX : Facing the Taboos of Human Sexual Behaviour  

Dr Graham Clingbine’s enlightening book is intended to be informative, educative and in some parts, entertaining. Many aspects of human sexuality are still taboo and not spoken about even in so-called modern society. Such areas are reviewed and discussed openly without the inclusion of the author’s personal opinion.


Readers are challenged throughout the book to consider their own views relating to sex in their own and other cultures, identify any personal prejudicial thoughts about the sexual proclivities of others and to question their own sexual behaviour.


Having identified the scope of human sexual activity, What You Need To Know About Human Sex covers controversial areas including sexual identity, sexual orientation and the influences of cultural tradition, religious dogma and ethical views on human sexual behaviour, including the degree of acceptability or otherwise of practices such as female genital mutilation. The legal constraints on sexual activity in different cultures are looked at, along with how legislation varies in different countries.


Other areas covered are health and safety (including contraception), sex education, how the body functions during sex and sexual dysfunctions. The changing role and availability of pornography in society is also reviewed with a quick look at the infamy achieved by some named porn stars and their life stories. There is even a light-hearted review of sex and the paranormal which describes some myths and legends.


Graham Clingbine disrobes many cultural myths and sheds much-needed light on many aspects of sex, encouraging our growing acceptance of different sexual identities and providing information useful to people from all backgrounds. The information will be of benefit to people of all ages but especially young adults forming their views of the world, health organisations and educational establishments.


What You Need To Know About Human Sex is an informative and essential read in a society that still ignores a lot of unusual but by no means unnatural proclivities. Footnote: the book shown on this site is the latest version (Second Edition).



An easy to read guide giving the do's and don'ts of network marketing (MLM – multilevel marketing). It documents ‘good practice’ for those already doing or thinking about starting a home business. The author has 30 years of experience earning money from home with various networking companies and their products and services.


This handbook makes a great tool for network marketers to use with their downline teams for training purposes. It includes a guide to good practice, common errors, telephone techniques, referrals, contact lists, leverage, skills and attitudes. There are numerous hints, tips and ideas for readers to pick out useful information.


This guide will be of invaluable use to both beginners and experienced networkers, internet marketers, home business owners and for direct sales.




Children have a lively imagination. They can become fully immersed in a fantasy. The stories in this book make great reading for children aged up to 14. Too much importance should not be given to age. Adults will also enjoy this reading experience. The stories are varied and some are inspired by the author’s own life experiences. Incidents and storylines are based on familiar everyday situations but extend into the realms of imagination where anything becomes possible.


Children can read the stories on their own or alternatively they can be read by mums and dads to their kids at bedtime.


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This book contains a frank non-technical review of the physiological, psychological and behavioural processes involved in human sexual attraction. Some comparisons are made between different cultural, religious and national communities. Secrets of Human Sexual Attraction is a ‘must-read’ for adults of all ages. The content is challenging and enlightening. Use the Quiz at the end of the book to assess your own sexuality and attractiveness.


This book is not a text book but is a general interesting read for adults. Some references are made to historical reports and experimental studies related to sexuality and sexual preferences. The author hopes this book will help you Find Your Ideal Sex Partner.






This is the intriguing life story of Dr Graham Clingbine. His story makes fascinating reading. Many readers look for the autobiographies of celebrities, famous or wealthy individuals. These attributes do not guarantee that their life histories will make interesting reading.


This is your chance to read about the life of a ‘real’ person, perhaps someone you can identify with. Meet Graham’s friends and family… and what they got up to. Discover his sporting interests, romances and his life passions. Find out how his life pathway produced two marriages.


The autobiography of Dr Graham Clingbine steers the reader through his life story from birth along the pathway of the aging process recounting many fascinating incidents with both good and bad outcomes. Learn about his family background, health challenges, successes, failures and outlook on life.


Graham is sharing his life story with YOU!




The corona virus spread globally from China in 2020. There was no natural immunity to the disease it caused which is known as Covid19. This deadly disease made thousands of people sick and many did not survive the infection. The pandemic caused worldwide social and economic disaster. The infection initiated all kinds of problems related to hospital admissions, social isolation, home lockdown, loss of jobs and businesses and international travel.


Corona virus inflicted a global catastrophe in 2020 causing covid disease which made thousands of people sick and killed many. The spread of the virus caused economic mayhem and social disruption.

The book documents many of the changes and effects of the corona virus in the form of poems.


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The Real Roswell Incident 1947

This is a review of what really happened at the enigmatic alleged flying saucer crash in New Mexico. There is an account of some strange events that occurred immediately prior to the crash and the crash itself and discovery of wreckage. The book describes the removal of wreckage and how there was a press release which was subsequently retracted and changed. The book reveals witness reports and deathbed confessions. The information about the incident may have been covered up and changed over the years. Documents discovered many years later reveal possible involvement by the President of the USA Harry S.Truman, the setting up of a clandestine committee (the Majestic 12) and intimidation of witnesses by mysterious Men in Black.


The Roswell event has left an ongoing legacy in popular culture. What is myth and what is factual? Read about the incident and then decide for yourself.