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''What You Need To Know About Human Sex is a no-nonsense sex education book for readers of all ages. Dr.

Graham Clingbine candidly discusses sexual identity and sexual orientation; issues of society, religion, and

ethics; criminal sexual activity, such as sexual assault or human trafficking for forced prostitution; and much

more. "There is probably no such thing as sexually 'normal'. Perhaps a range of behaviours and attitudes cover

what most people would consider to be normal... A good rule of thumb may be that whatever people do or think,

providing there is no harm done to others, then those things are acceptable." What You Need To Know About

Human Sex is an excellent, thoroughly accessible, and non-judgmental primer, especially recommended for

high school public library collections.''

- The Human Sexuality Shelf (November 2016), James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


Review by NetGalley of Release From Stasis-The Future is Now by Dr G Clingbine:  4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: John is the last scientist left on planet earth, which now orbits a dying sun that is no longer yellow,

but red and pounding the earth periodically with lethal doses of radiation. John is the last one left. He has two

options, carry out the Great Plan or flee the... planet in search of another more hospitable one to start anew.

John lives in an age hundreds of generations in the future, where humanity's features have evolved and

changed. He has been tasked with the Great Plan, to use the advanced knowledge his time possesses and his

time portal device to travel back to old earth and bring back humans from the past and try to genetically

engineer them to be able to survive on earth and withstand the old sun's detrimental effects. Humankind's

brain capacity has increased tremendously, but they have mostly discarded feelings and emotion, so John

uses and discards them in his experiments, in pursuit of a viable model to repopulate the earth. However, as

he brings back those from the past and takes a wife to start a family of his own, he finds that he is starting to

develop feelings and a conscience. He finds himself reevaluating his cold, clinical acts and experiments, and

questioning what it means to be human. He has developed the ability to use mind control on his genetically

altered humans, but decides to let them have some freedom, should he be forced to flee to another planet

with them. Release from Stasis follows John's meticulous preparations to follow through with the Great Plan.

He is cold and calculating and whether his human "experiments" live or die matters not to him, except to

achieve his ends. It is definitely a thinking person's novel- not one to consider a thriller with lots of action. It

does have some twists at the end, and is undeniably well researched, and makes you ponder some existential

questions. . .what if aliens were actually future humans travelling back in time to visit us? What are the

qualities that make humanity worth saving as a species? If we lose our empathy and compassion, forsaking it

in the pursuit of knowledge, can we still call ourselves human? Is humanity destined to destroy ourselves by

dividing into meaningless factions, even when our world itself is threatened? I liked this novel. It isn't light

reading, and the scientific explanations aren't for everyone, but it made me think about my humanity as I was

reading it, and that made it well worth it.



'"Release from Stasis: The Future is Now" is the sequel to "Disclosure: The Future is Now", author Graham

Clingbine's first science fiction story of time travel, human survival and human dilemma. It will appeal to

science fiction enthusiasts and those interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Exceptionally well

written and consistently entertaining from beginning to end, "Release from Stasis: The Future is... Now"

clearly showcases author Gaham Clingbine as an impressively gifted storyteller. While very highly

recommended for community library Science Fiction collections, it should be noted for the personal reading

lists of science fiction enthusiasts that "Release from Stasis: The Future is Now" is also available in a

paperback edition (9781784625283, $9.81) and in a Kindle format ($5.99).' - Paul T. Vogel, Reviewer


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Paranormal News Magazine have featured an extract from Disclosure on their site.  Click here!


Release From Stasis... reviewed by That's Books and Entertainment. "Release From Stasis The

Future is now is a new novel by scientist, writer and author Dr Graham Clingbine, BSc, MSc.

The book is set in a far, distant future. Earth is dramatically different, it is under constant

bombardment with deadly solar radiation which is being emitted by the ageing Sun..." - Click here

to read more.


Disclosure … reviewed by That’s Books and Entertainment. ‘’A taut and compelling science fiction thriller.’’ 

- Click here to read more.


James rated Disclosure 5* in his review on Goodreads in 2015.  'It was amazing. After reading Disclosure,

I have to say it was one of the most interesting books that I have read in a while. Lots of exciting factual

information about ufo's as well as a intriguing storyline about a young boy named Kevin and his strange

experiences. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a keen interest in sci-fi. '


'The book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to know about UFOs. I love this book. I'm waiting for

your 2nd book.'

Li Sien in Jakarta, Indonesia.


'I was so happy that I got a wonderful book from UK called Disclosure. I can't stop reading it and want to know

what happens to Kevin.'

Wei Wei Cheng from Taipei, Taiwan.


'A futuristic look at what might happen  to the Earth and informative review of UFO events.'

Evelyn- (Kingston Upon Thames)


'I love this book, it's a really interesting read! Don't want to put it down!'

Lorraine in Hertfordshire


'A deftly crafted and impressively written novel, "Disclosure: The Future is Now" will prove to be of special interest to science fiction enthusiasts and an enduringly popular addition to community library collections. A thoroughly absorbing work from beginning to end, it should be noted for

personal reading lists that "Disclosure: The Future is Now" is also available in a paperback edition (9781784624262, $16.39) and in a Kindle format ($5.99)...'  

Micah Andrew (Reviewer), MBR Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review





Wei Wei & Disclosure

Wei Wei Cheng from Taipei, Taiwan

with a copy of Disclosure.



Li Sien in Jakarta, Indonesia with

a copy of Disclosure.



Wei Wei with Human Sex

Wei Wei TWO new books

Wei Wei with two new books